To get to know who we are and what our personalities are like through our cars we have dedicated this section of our website to these items of beauty.

Turbo x

Tommy – This is the fifth car out of  two hundred and twenty nine that was produced for the UK market for the rare and exclusive model.

Audi S2

Dave – Ex press car for Audi Uk, one of the first ten registered in the UK.

The 90

Tommy – Has been in the Butler family 15 years and started life a simple 2l carburetted car.  Not happy with its poor performance Tommy decided to fit a turbo 16 engine and running gear from a 1988 Saab 900 with a few specialist mods.

C900S Vert

Bob – Bought as a retirement gift in 2008 Bob has enjoyed many miles in the car mainly with roof down (even in winter!) in spring 2019 the car started undergoing some major works including a freshly rebuilt gearbox and a full engine bay and exterior detail.